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154 Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences Minor in Geology Requirements for the Minor. A minimum of 17 hours in Earth sciences, selected from the following: Requirements for the Minor Credit Hours GEOL Courses 3 One from GEOL 1301, 1305, 1307, 1308, 1313, 1315 Earth Science Electives 12 At the 3000 level or above. Geology Field Studies GEOL 3243 or 3343 2–3 17–18 Bachelor of Science With a Major in Geophysics Geophysical techniques are used to understand the physical behavior of Earth, including plate-tectonic processes, earthquake mechanisms and nuclear test-ban verification. The B.S. degree in geophysics provides a strong quantitative back- ground in seismology, geothermics and digital signal processing. Requirements for the B.S. Degree. A minimum of 33 hours in Earth sciences and a minimum of 30 hours of support courses, selected from the following: Requirements for the Major Credit Hours GEOL Courses 24 One from GEOL 1301, 1305, 1307, 1313, 1315 GEOL 3340, 3451, 3452 GEOL 3454, 5320, 5392 Earth Science Electives 9 At the 3000 level or above; with at least 3 credit hours in geophysics. Required Support Courses 30 CHEM 1303/1113 PHYS 1303/1105, 1304/1106 MATH 1337, 1338, 2339, 2343, 3337, 3353 63 Notes ● Participation in a recognized geology or geophysics summer field camp is strongly recommended for all geophysics majors. ● Experience with a modern scientific computing language is essential and can be gained in a course such as GEOL 3359 Computer Methods in Earth Sciences. ● The requirements for the geophysics major are considered minimal. Students should consult a faculty adviser for recommendations on additional coursework that best fits their goals. Bachelor of Science With a Major in Resource Geology Resource and environmental issues are central to the important challenges facing the world today. As a result, resource and environmental problems are being addressed by a growing number of disciplines, including the sciences, engineering, the legal profession, economics, journalism and ethics. Yet, most of these problems are rooted in geological processes. The B.S. degree in resource geology is intended to

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