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194 Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences Minor in Classical Studies The minor in classical studies offers an integrated program studying the various aspects of the civilization of ancient Greece and Rome. The minor requires 18 hours, of which at least nine hours must be at the advanced level (3000 or above). Course- work for the minor must be distributed as follows: Requirements for the Minor Credit Hours Classical Languages 6 LATN 2311, 2312 or other advanced Latin courses or classical Greek at the 2000 level, when available Classical Studies (at least one course from each group) 12 Group 1: Art History ARHS 1303 Introduction to Western Art I: Prehistoric Through Medieval ARHS 3303 Archaeological Field Methods of Italy (3 hours on the excavation) ARHS 3312 Etruscan and Roman Art ARHS 3313 Etruscan and Iron Age Italy ARHS 3314 The Art and Architecture of Ancient Pompeii ARHS 3316 Art in Rome (SMU-in-Rome) ARHS 3317 Ancient Painting ARHS 3319 Art of the Roman Empire ARHS 3603 Archaeological Field Methods of Italy (6 hours on the excavation) ARHS 4310 Seminar in Ancient Art CLAS 3311 Mortals, Myths, Monuments of Ancient Greece Group 2: History HIST 3353 The History of Ancient Greece HIST 3354 Warfare and Diplomacy in Antiquity HIST 3355 Class and Gender in Ancient Society HIST 3361 Roman History and the Roman Mind HIST 5391 Athenian Democracy PHIL 3351 History of Western Philosophy (Ancient) Group 3: Other ARHS 3603 Archaeological Field Methods of Italy CLAS 2311 Myth and Thought in the Ancient World CLAS 3312 Classical Rhetoric LATN 3323 Latin Literature LATN 3324 Advanced Latin Grammar and Composition LATN 3325 Advanced Latin Readings and Composition LATN 3326 Advanced Latin Readings: Vergil LATN 3335 Medieval Latin RELI 3320 Introduction to Classical Judaism RELI 3326 Introduction to New Testament RELI 3349 Early Christianity RELI 3371 The World of the New Testament 18

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