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202 Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences Bachelor of Arts With a Major in Ethnic Studies The ethnic studies major is an interdisciplinary program that examines African- American and Mexican-American experiences through the social sciences and humanities. The program offers instruction in important periods of African, Mexican and American history, probing the roots of traditions beginning in early African and pre-Columbian cultures, as well as examining minorities in contemporary U.S. society. This program provides good preparation for graduate work in the social sciences, the humanities and professional schools, as well as jobs and careers in many fields. Education, law, journalism, urban planning, business, social work and politics are a few of the fields for which ethnic studies provides a strong background. The B.A. and B.S. degrees in ethnic studies offer specializations in African and African-American studies and in Mexican-American studies. The B.A. degree focuses on humanities and, consequently, requires less work in methodology and statistics than the B.S. degree. Minors are also offered in African and African-American stud- ies and Mexican-American studies. Courses to fulfill the requirements for these programs should be selected in consultation with the program director. A total of 33 hours are required to complete the B.A. with a specialization in Afri- can and African-American studies, and 34 hours are required to complete the B.A. with a specialization in Mexican-American studies. Requirements for the Major Credit Hours Foundation Courses 6 ETST 2301 (SOCI 3305, CFA 3310) Race and Ethnicity in the United States SOCI 3370 Minority-Dominant Relations Basic Courses 18–19 African and African-American Studies (18 credit hours) HIST 2392 Modern Africa HIST 3313 African Americans in the United States, 1607–1877 HIST 3314 African Americans in the United States, 1877–Present Three courses chosen from the following, with two outside of history and at least one at the 3000 level or above: ANTH 3314 Peoples of Africa ARHS 3390 Traditional Arts of Africa ENGL 3362 African-American Literature HIST 2391 Africa to the 19th Century HIST 3304 Blacks and the Civil Rights Movement HIST 3378 Problems in African History HIST 3388 The African-American Urban Experience, 1865–1980 HIST 5341 Seminar in American History: African Slavery in the U.S. MUHI 3340 Jazz: Tradition and Transformation

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