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210 Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences Bachelor of Arts With a Major in Individualized Studies in the Liberal Arts General Information The individualized studies major in the liberal arts provides students the oppor- tunity to design an interdisciplinary program of study that brings fields of inquiry together in unique combinations not currently offered as a program in the SMU curriculum. Interested and academically qualified students are invited to explore this possibility with the program's director (214-768-2168). If the student's plan of study appears to have merit, the director will suggest faculty members in appropri- ate departments and divisions of the University who can provide further assistance in designing the program. Students must ask at least three faculty members to con- stitute a Faculty Supervisory Committee, with one serving as chair. Students with at least a 3.500 GPA in the first 24 term hours taken through en- rollment at SMU are eligible to pursue the program, which consists of individually designed majors in the liberal arts of at least 36 term hours, with a minimum of 24 term hours of advanced courses (3000 level or above). The program must satisfy all Universitywide requirements and all other University and Dedman College grad- uation requirements. Students are responsible for fulfilling all prerequisites for courses taken. The degree will be identified as a B.A. with a major in individualized studies in the liberal arts. A note on the transcript will denote the specialization. Students intending to seek admission to graduate schools are encouraged to include at least 30 hours of a coherent set of courses in an identifiable disciplinary field. Administrative Procedures The Dedman College Undergraduate Council shall have the final authority to approve all individualized studies programs. The Dedman College associate dean for academic affairs will act as the director of the individualized studies program. Prior to declaring the major, a number of steps must be completed: 1. The student, with the assistance of the director, must form a Faculty Supervisory Committee with a minimum of three members. The committee will provide advice and guidance to the student. At least two members, including the chair of the committee, shall be resident members of the Dedman College faculty. 2. The student will submit a plan of study to the director and to each Faculty Super- visory Committee member. If the committee and the director approve the plan of study, the plan is then submitted for approval by the Dedman College Under- graduate Council. 3. The plan is transmitted to the Dedman College Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and to the Dedman College Office of Records and Academic Services. The plan of study must be submitted to the Dedman College Undergraduate Council for approval before the completion of 60 total term hours of coursework. The chair of the Faculty Supervisory Committee and the Dedman College Dean's Office will recommend candidates for graduation. The director of the Office of Rec- ords and Academic Services will be responsible for verifying and certifying gradua- tion requirements.

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