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230 Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences Minor in Natural Sciences A minor in the natural sciences offers students a systematic exposure to biology and chemistry. The minor is particularly suitable for engineering and business majors who are interested in medicine, dentistry or other biomedical careers. This inter- disciplinary minor may not be selected by students majoring or minoring in the biological sciences, biochemistry or chemistry. Each advanced course must be taken in residence. Requirements for the Minor Credit Hours BIOL 1401, 1402 Introductory Biology 8 BIOL 3350 Cell Biology 3 CHEM 1303/1113, 1304/1114 General Chemistry 8 CHEM 3371/3117, 3372/3118 Organic Chemistry 8 BIOL 3306 Physiology ( Prerequisite: BIOL 3350) or BIOL 3304 Genetics 3 30

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